the hills that pass by

A Romantic through and through, Luxton trains a steady eye on Nature, his chief solace from the ‘Gagworld’ of personal and political relations. Though he questions his allegiance to the chaste meditations of Wordsworth, and wonders whether Berryman’s manic wordplay is an equally outdated legacy, these two poets remain the presiding spirits of the book, and define the poles of its dialectic.

Critical Comment

“...jazz rythms, dislocated syllables, free association, invented words, and sharp literary wit create echoes of Eliot and John Berryman...” — Canadian Literature

“Enhanced by its diversity, the book is immensely enjoyable....” — The Montreal Gazette

“...Luxton’s salient qualities are strong imagery and an engaging tone....” — Poetry Canada

the hills that pass by 80 pp., 6 x 9, December 1987, Poetry — ISBN: 0-919688-14-4 (paper) ... $9.95

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